Marketing Internship


Are you always the one who talks about cutting edge social media that most haven’t even heard of? MOCA Marketing Interns are unconventional, creative, and perfectly happy going in 20 directions at once. They spread the word about MOCA’s trendsetting exhibitions and programs, compose exciting event releases, craft bold promotional copy, collaborate on communication campaigns, and help with less glamorous but equally important general office support like mailings, filing and reporting.


You will be working with a team of 3 marketing professionals who are responsible for crafting the world’s perception of MOCA.


The ideal intern:

  • Ahead of the curve on the latest social media.
  • Able to craft tailored marketing copy and press releases.
  • Meticulous attention to detail whether writing, researching or reporting.
  • Adept at multitasking, such as handling multiple extracurricular activities simultaneously.
  • Enthusiastic team member with plenty of creative ideas.
  • Minimum GPA of 3.25


Preferred Majors:

  • Undergraduate Junior/Senior or Graduate student
  • Marketing
  • Communication
  • Nonprofit Administration


A few logistics:

Interns are expected to work 8-16 hours per week and must be available to conduct live social media updates from special events, most of which occur during evenings and weekends.


Ready to apply?

Submit the following to and use the subject line “MOCA Marketing Internship”.

  • Cover letter or cover email that lets your personality and style shine through. Internships are highly competitive so this is your chance to convince us of your awesomeness!  Don’t be modest; tell us what you can offer and what you hope to gain. It wouldn’t hurt to mention a current or past MOCA exhibition or program that you attended, or perhaps a life-changing experience with art. And if you know someone who is associated with MOCA, tell us!
  • If you will be completing this internship for course credit, please include an Objectives and Goals Statement so we can be certain that this opportunity aligns with your requirements.
  • Resume or CV that highlights relevant education and experience and makes it obvious why you are the best possible candidate for this position.
  • Writing samples showcasing your skills, preferably relevant to a similar professional position or contemporary dialogue. We would love to see a press release or social media post that garnered a lot of attention. Feel free to include links to relevant work, websites, etc. Students might be asked to do an onsite writing sample at interview.
  • References from employers or professors that tell us why they think you would be perfect for this internship.


Good luck!