Brick Love

Bricks are a visual element that Michelangelo Lovelace Sr. returns to often in his paintings. He fell in love with the textures of the city as a child growing up in different housing projects in Cleveland—which were always brick. The colors of the bricks often reflect the mood and events in his paintings.

How to Remain Human in Style

Hottest accessory in town! Check out our custom designed How to Remain Human tote bags, modelled by incredibly stylish visitors to the exhibition, Diana and Alex. Now available in the MOCA store along with our hot-off-the-presses How to Remain Human catalog.

Get your summer reading in with this riot of a catalog!

Katrina Aftermath

In her catalog essay “Looking Back From the Future at Michelangelo Lovelace,”  Ebony L. Haynes gives a close reading of Katrina Aftermath (2006) through the lens of Afrofuturism. She says:

Jazz Scramble Jacket

How to Remain Human artist Jae Jarrell's Jazz Scramble jacket brings together two of Jarrell’s loves: music and Scrabble, the crossword board game. The screen-printed pattern includes the names of famous jazz and blues musicians. The rhythm of the letters captures the energy of the music, while the intersecting names speak to the importance of community in developing a scene, style, and history.


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