Distinguished Voices: Lynne Tillman with Adam Pendleton

May 11, 2017 / 7:00pm

General Admission: $12
Members + Students: Free

For over 30 years, acclaimed writer and critic Lynne Tillman has created unique narratives characterized as a "parallel universe to the contemporary art world." Filled with wit, dark humor, and sensuous language, Tillman’s works are known to alter reader's perspectives by offering up distinctive answers to artistic, social, and political questions. A frequent collaborator with artists and authors, Tillman is deeply influential to contemporary art writing and practice. Adam Pendleton, whose exhibition, Becoming Imperceptible is currently on view at MOCA Cleveland (through May 14), is among the artists deeply moved by Tillman’s work. In this special program, Tillman will join Pendleton for a conversation about their work, and the value of contemporary art in today’s sociopolitical landscape. Moderated by MOCA Senior Curator Andria Hickey.

"Here is an American mind contemplating contemporary society and culture with wit, imagination, and a brave intelligence. Tillman upends expectations, shifts tone, introduces characters, breaches limits of genre and category, reconfiguring the world with the turn of a sentence. Like other unique thinkers, Tillman sees the world differently—she is not a malcontent, but she is discontented. Her responses to art and literature, to social and political questions change the reader's mind, startling it with new angles."  - Taken from a review of What Would Lynne Tillman Do?

Tillman is a Guggenheim Fellowship recipient; a Rea Visiting Writer at the University at Virginia; a Kestnbaum Fellow at the University of Chicago, and a Hurst Visiting Writer at the University at Washington in St. Louis. Her works include: This Is Not It, 22 short stories inspired by the works of 21 contemporary artists. Her novels include Cast In Doubt, No Lease on Life; and American Genius, A Comedy. What Would Lynne Tillman Do? is Tillman's second collection of essays on art, film, literature, and other topics. Recently reissued was a novella, Weird Fucks, with paintings by Amy Sillman. Published in 1995, The Velvet Years: Warhol's Factory 1965-67, was a non-fiction work based on Stephen Shore's factory photographs. Tillman has more recently written essays and stories about Justine Kurland, Liz Deschenes, and Carroll Dunham.

Her fiction and criticism have appeared in Aperture, Artforum, Black Clock, Bomb, Conjunctions, McSweeney’s, Tin House, and The New York Times Book Review. Tillman currently writes a bimonthly column for Frieze art magazine and is Professor/Writer-in-Residence in the Department of English at The University at Albany (SUNY). Tillman also teaches in a thesis seminar at the School of Visual Arts' Art Criticism and Writing MFA program in New York City. In March 2018 her sixth novel Men and Apparitions will be published by Softkull/Catapult.