Envisioning the Future: Design + Business

November 1, 2017 / 5:30pm

$25 | $10 for Students | Free for MOCA Business Members + Patrons

This INTERSECT: MOCA Business Innovation Series program features visionary technology and data scholar Youngjin Yoo and internationally renowned artist Simon Denny in dialogue, exploring dramatic shifts at the intersection of business, design, and technology. In collaboration with MOCA Cleveland, Yoo and Denny are co-teaching an experimental seminar through the Case Western Reserve Weatherhead School of Management that will inform Simon Denny: The Scapegoat vs. The Commons [metaphor machines], a solo exhibition of Denny’s work opening at MOCA in February 2018. Using specific case studies, Yoo and Denny, will consider business philosophies and technological innovations that are shaping the current marketplace and producing new business paradigms.

Simon Denny // THE ARTIST
Denny’s work challenges numerous themes entrenched in modern society’s globalized culture: the Internet, technological obsolescence, corporate culture, television broadcasting, and national identity. He is interested in technology’s role in shaping global culture and in the ways information is controlled and shared. His exploration of the materialization and commodification of information in the context of fast paced, tech-driven commerce continues in MOCA’s upcoming exhibition Simon Denny: The Scapegoat vs. The Commons [metaphor machines], opening February 16, 2018.

Youngjin Yoo //  THE THEORIST
Yoo has been exploring the unique nature of digital objects as economic assets and how it challenges the way we think about value creation. He developed organizational genetics as an interdisciplinary research approach to study the evolution of digital objects, combining evolutionary biology and social science. He routinely works with global companies, advising them how to incorporate digital technology in their products, services, and processes.  His recent research on Samsung Electronics was featured in Harvard Business Review. Currently, he is working with a number of traditional firms to study their digitalization efforts. His new online course, "Leading Digitalization by Design" will be made open to the public in January 2018.

Jill Snyder // THE MODERATOR
Snyder is one of the chief architects of Cleveland’s cultural scene. Since 1996, she has grown MOCA into an emblem of Cleveland’s renaissance and a hotbed of new ideas. Along the way, she has shaped conversations about the public value of museums and contemporary art.