Our doors are closed, but our hearts are open.

15 minutes of . . . is a series of live events airing on moCa's Facebook page. Cleveland-based artists create a work of art in just 15 minutes. Afterwards, we post an image of their efforts and viewers have a chance to win the original art by responding to a prompt in the comments section. Then we randomly draw a lucky winner for each piece via raffle. We'll mail the artworks out once the museum reopens. It's all FREE.


Watch how these creations came to life:

Justin Michael Will   

Justin Michael Will


         Hannah Ayers

Hannah Ayers


Coming up:

Shawn Kerns: Wednesday, May 13, 3 PM

Director of Wizzbang Studios and creator of "Boinkman the Art Handler," Shawn's frenetic work has garnered a host of grants and honors.


Morgan Bukovec: Wednesday, May 20, 3 PM

The Cleveland-based mixed media artist also asserts, "My artistic practice is my activism." Her mixed media work is at once provocative and nostalgic.


Nolan Beck-Rivera: Wednesday, May 27, 6 PM

Founder of Heyhey and The Materialist, this eclectic Cleveland-based designer creates everything from furniture to candied magnolia petals. 


Jamal Collins: Wednesday, June 10, 4 PM

An accomplished graphic designer, Jamal helps Cleveland’s youth develop their capacity to challenge their sense of imagery and creativity.