The 10K Challenge (Exhibition Dance Battle) @ moCa

May 8, 2021 / 2:00pm3:30pm

Free & open to all

IN PERSON on Toby's Plaza in front of moCa Cleveland and simulcast virtually. Register to get the link.

The program will happen inside moCa Cleveland in the case of inclement weather.

The 10K Challenge is an artistic presentation that showcases the creativity of artists in a form commonly known as “battle.” This eight-person tournament will showcase different dancers who use various genres/styles. The eight dancer will face-off until one is left victorious. In the Hip Hop & Street Dance community, battling is a key element for communicating within the art form. Dancers battle as a way to grow, release, and exchange with one another. Through this freedom of expression, dancers help elevate the movement of artists and the communities around us. Each round of this battle will have a twist. The audience will decide the concept of the round AND play the role of judge, deciding who will move on to the next round. If you have never experienced a dance battle, this will give you an interactive introduction to battle culture by putting the fate of the dancer in the your hands.