Here, Our Voices - Application Deadline

June 16, 2017 / 10:00am

Free + open to all

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This summer, MOCA will convene a group of teens from Cleveland to develop and deepen each of their unique voices in productive and meaningful ways. Here, Our Voices is a weekly program that provides youth with mentorship, skill building, and opportunities to create relevant experiences for and with their peers. Although a new initiative for MOCA, collaborating with teens has been a regular practice since 2012 when the new building opened. The Arts and Culture Enterprise (ACE) was a yearlong experience that connected youth with museum staff and introduced them to program and exhibition development. Success stories across 3 years of successful ACE cohorts include students’ pursuing higher degrees in art history, fine art, and art education, others working at MOCA and other cultural organizations part-time, and most regularly attending cultural events of all kinds.

Here, Our Voices takes the best of the original ACE teen program, intensifies the learning and collaboration, and introduces new players. The group will be led by a Creative Facilitator, an artist-educator who will both mentor and motivate the participants. At MOCA, the cohort will hone new skills in art interpretation by diving into the artworks and artists featured in Constant as the Sun. Working alongside museum staff, teens will learn about the many professional roles related to exhibition and program production. Unlike the ACE groups, this cohort will also travel, hitting the road to visit organizations and neighborhoods that comprise Cleveland’s thriving art community. Trips to commercial galleries, community maker spaces, and public art organizations, among others, will give students a big picture understanding of the broad range of opportunities and perspectives within our local art ecology. 

Woven into every meeting and activity will be opportunities for participants to create and share words and creative actions that respond to, build on, and advance contemporary culture. Through Here, Our Voices, they will further develop and utilize their voice in responsible, effective, and productive ways. The many summer experiences will culminate with a group-designed, social practice-inspired public program in tandem with MOCA’s next For Freedom’s Town Hall event in September. This culminating event will demonstrate the ways in which the teens have given constructive voice to their concerns and dreams, as well as offer opportunities for audiences to share their own.  All are welcome and invited to participate in Here, Our Voices event on Saturday, September 16, 2017.