Loaded Concert Series: Horse Lords / ONO

August 19, 2016 / 8:00pm10:00pm

Free + Open to All

On August 19th the LOADED concert series continues, bringing three extraordinary acts to our loading dock. These performers accent distinct threads of Mark Mothersbaugh’s musical career in different ways. ​

  • Horse Lords bring their sublime polyrhythmic structures whose complexities are almost masked by how accessible their music is. 
  • ONO brings stage craft, costumes, and often risqué themes to their performances, as well as completely original takes on song covers. 
  • SPACEBEACH invites the audience into their alternate reality by breaking down the band/performance dynamic, creating a more fully engaged experience. 

All of these dimensions can be traced back through Mothersbaugh’s career, whether it be redefining Satisfaction with DEVO’s cover version, or creating idiosyncratic mythology around the costumes and accessories used by the band. David Russell Stempowski will provide visuals using video projections for the evening. 

NOTE: Admission to MOCA indoor exhibitions is discounted to $5 on Fridays 5-9PM.


Horse Lords (Baltimore): Founded at the turn o' the 'teens by Andrew Bernstein (saxophone/percussion), Max Eilbacher (bass/electronics), Owen Gardner (guitar), and Sam Haberman (drums), Horse Lords have quickly established themselves as avant-heavies.  West African rhythms collide with just intonation guitars, art-fire saxophone, minimalist grooves, and collaged zapdowns. Exploring the classic studio-as-weaponry strategies of yore, Horse Lords map their raw lightening onto the experimental musique concrète territory surveyed by elder heads like Faust and This Heat. Playing custom electric guitars and basses refretted by Gardner, the band's rolling polyrhythms chime with the strange and distinct harmonies of just intonation inspired by the master La Monte Young and other heroes.

Floating at the boundaries of improvisation, electronics, performance, and the vast indie mainstream, Horse Lords exist in none of these places and all of them. They are recognized, too, as a galvanizing live act, powered by the double-drumming of Sam Haberman and Andrew Bernstein.

ONO (Chicago): Toiling in the underground scene since 1980, über-legendary, avant-everything, cult freakazoids ONO are one of those radical groups who've earned that tag as "one of the most influential bands you've never heard of." These schizoid mind-blowers predated wads of genres have deconstructed noise, funk, art-rock, post-rock, and industrial music, thus setting the template for fellow Chi-towners like U.S. Maple and countless other noise-making avant-gardists. Fittingly self-proclaimed as “gospel-noise,” ONO made its comeback in 2012 with the experimental jams and possessed chants of Albino, its first recorded music since 1986. For its follow-up, ONO didn’t wait another 25-odd years. They just dropped the sonically chaotic groovefest, Diegesis, complete with a Hendrix cover.

Blending faint apparitions of jazz and funk into a primordial deluge of discordant sonic emanations under a poetic cadence of sing-speak-scream vocals embodying narrators fearlessly exhuming our deepest, darkest thoughts and fusing them to the tempestuous here-and-there-and-gone-again-only-to-return rhythmic arrangements… It is dizzying, it is ponderous, it is profound, it is…. noise. But yet, so much more.

SPACEBEACH (Cleveland): SPACEBEACH is a shifting collaboration between varying visual, performance and sonic artists from Northeast Ohio. Together, the group utilizes experimental processes and media to explore the imaginative and sensory experiences of viewers. Often, the line between performers and audience is negotiated and blurred. Points of interest and influence include (but are not limited to): regional identities, confetti, community constructs, space exploration, the North Coast, mediated bliss, and spontaneous combustion.


LOADED is a creative sound music series incorporating experimental elements of performance art, avant rock, punk, and electronic music. Curated by Andrew Auten (Dandelion Moon), Lisa Miralia (Mysterious Black Box on WCSB Radio), and David Russell Stempowski (Polar Envy), this series brings together sound artists from our region and beyond to perform on MOCA's loading dock.

Sponsored by the Cleveland Foundation and University Hospitals.