Loaded Concert Series: Tashi Dorji

August 12, 2016 / 8:00pm10:00pm

Free + Open to All

MOCA's free LOADED concert series kicks off with three acts that incorporate improvisation with composition. 

  • Tashi Dorji is gaining an international reputation with his singular guitar style and evolving compositions.
  • Joe Tomino uses his percussion virtuosity in combination with electronics to create reverberating soundscapes.
  • Dandelion Moon is a collaboration of Andrew Auten, Nathan Mahan, Robert Darkmatter, and Ellen Wurtzel. They mix text, lyrics, and psych-rock to explore unpredictable narrative structures. 

This bill is inspired by Mark Mothersbaugh’s scores for film and TV, which explore the tension between electric and acoustic sounds, as well as develop and explore musical themes over varying time horizons. Amanda Lee will provide video projections for the evening. 

NOTE: Admission to MOCA exhibitions is discounted to $5 on Fridays 5-9PM. 


Tashi Dorji grew up in Bhutan, on the eastern side of the Himalayas. Residing in Asheville since 2000 and soaking up a vast array of music. Along the way, Dorji developed a playing style unbound by tradition, yet with a direct line to intuitive artistry. His recordings feature improvisations that spasmodically grow along tangential, surprising paths. All references break loose during a composition, as Dorji keys into his own inner world.
His compositions drag the listener into a labyrinth of warbling tones, where each sound seems to jump out and replace the eerie silence that would otherwise occupy the atmosphere. The textures remain sustained in the reverberation as the vibration of the strings dwindle and ascend. The experience is one equally disorienting and reflective, in which Dorji’s musicianship brings haunting beauty and mindfulness to the listener.

Joe Tomino is an extraordinary percussionist who has played with some of the largest names in the music industry. On this night, he will explore the intersection of percussion and electronics to create and a sonic cosmos that evolves, swirls, dissolves and behaves in an utterly unpredictable fashion.

Dandelion Moon is a collaboration of Andrew Auten, Nathan Mahan, Robert Darkmatter, and Ellen Wurtzel. This line-up incorporates lyrics of PJ Harvey, Poly Styrene, and other female songwriters to whom musicians infrequently paid homage through reinterpretation of their works. By juxtaposing reinterpreted lyrics with psych and space rock, the band creates a dynamic framework while placing the lyricists on a pedestal.


LOADED is a creative sound music series incorporating experimental elements of performance art, avant rock, punk, and electronic music. Curated by Andrew Auten (CounterRucking), Lisa Miralia (Mysterious Black Box on WCSB Radio), and David Russell Stempowski (Polar Envy), this series brings together sound artists from our region and beyond to perform on MOCA's loading dock.

Sponsored by the Cleveland Foundation and University Hospitals.